"Cast Away" by Etherwood with Chapman Stick

improvising and adding parts on one of my favorite tracks by Etherwood called "Cast Away". Using Apple MainStage and other FX processors. Visuals using Heavy M. Filmed using the panasonic GH4 and post in FCP X.

NIMA audio visual music in progress

While working on perfecting my new setup, I'm working on new tracks for an upcoming EP. Everything is run live which gives me great control and allows me to improvise using various hardware and software components while playing the Chapman…

Higher Calling - a visual collaboration - part 2

This is the second video from my collaboration with the incredible contemporary Iranian American artist, Sabet. He painted this on my studio wall while I filmed and ran mechanical time lapses and motion videos, using the emotimo spectrum and Panasonic…

Ice Beat Factory 2018 promo video

A new video for one of the multimedia shows I co-produce and perform with, Ice Beat Factory, showcasing highlights from several of our recent shows and putting the new GoPro fusion camera to work!

Anjali Ray "Giant" music video

The latest music video I directed and this was a true labor of love with a powerful message. #Resist

"Giant" song and album written by Anjali Ray Produced by Daniel Galindo Video directed and produced by Nima Rezai Assistant director…


Persian Farvahar projection mapping project

Time consuming, but well worth the results. I created this projection mapping project of the famous Persian symbol, Farvahar to celebrate this year's Persian new year.

Higher Calling - a visual collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and artist Ali Sabet came to my studio and created an incredible painting on the wall.

This is a performance art collaboration we've been working on.

This video is the result of a…


NASA Venus V LEGO stop motion and projection mapping

This was a fun passion projection that I've been putting together for the last couple of months, capturing the building of the LEGO spaceship with the Emotimo Spectrum and then projection mapping the final product in my studio. Elon Musk…

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse 2018

The super blue blood moon eclipse was quite a sight too see and I captured it with my Panasonic GH4 and an old Leica zoom lens. Here are the results.