LIT awards best instrumental concept  

Live at Rancho Sabor just won the LIT best instrumental concept award for 2022.  This video and live performance was a crazy concept and a true labor of love.  Thanks to everyone who supported the video. 


Haumea - new single  

Haumea is my latest single, dedicated to the little known dwarf planet.  It's available on all streaming platforms: /haumea-single

Here's a quick walkthrough of the main synth sound I'm using throughout the song.

Darya - single 

Darya, my latest single, is dedicated to the Caspian Sea where I spent a lot of my childhood.  It's available on all streaming platforms, Apple MusicSpotify, as well as my music page

This visual video of the song uses content from Zach Ginnever who mixes milk and ink to create this imagery.

Lastly, here's a little video clip of me recording Santour for the solo section.  I don't know how to play this beautiful instrument, but I still use it to get interesting textures and overtones.

Être Heureux - Logic session 

#logicpro #maschine #musicproduction

A little snippet of a single I'm working on with Malek on vocals. Using Izotope's Nectar for the main vocals, along with Arturia's FET-76. Secondary vocal effects and octave FXs using a lot of stock logic plugins, along with Native Instruments' Raum reverb and Albedo by Sinevibes. Maschine plugin running programmed drums inside Logic with the clips timeline matching that of Logic.

Emmett Chapman's review of Rancho Sabor 

Having played the Chapman Stick for 28 years now, one aspect I never take for granted is how thoughtful, kind and supportive Emmett Chapman (the inventor of the stick) has been throughout the journey. To be able to interact with the inventor and genius of this instrument and be rewarded with such words. This is Emmett Chapman's response to the live performance video I just released. I poured my heart and soul into this project and these words mean a lot: 

"Just beautiful Nima, and all in my neck of the woods (no woods, no brook falling, just huge weathered rocks and chaparral). It’s an album in its consistency. You lay it all bare, your electronic orchestra, your Stick technique, your rig, and especially your harmonic concept, adventurously modal with those “backwards” chordal progressions - fresh, still new and rewarding. The drone shows up at the end, another revelation. 

You lay yourself bare as well, a passionate man with a mission, electronic gear encroaching head and body. Still, it seems you want to cry out, adding your shouted phrases over the entirety. Through ever growing layers of sound, that’s when it gets primal. 

Thanks for the lit up prism Stick, kept getting brighter with nightfall, lighting your face as well. 

With admiration, Emmett. (What those harmonies must do to your Persian bones!)"

CINIMA live at Rancho Sabor  

This is the new CINIMA live performance film and it is very special to me as it is the result of a musical concept I’ve been working on for years.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I diverted all my creative attention to this project and happy to finally see it come to life.  The melding of electronic music with instrumentation and improvisation. 

I had a very small and special crew of very creative individuals, including my dear friend Amir Motlagh (director), that helped me bring this vision to life while we were on the mountainside of Fallbrook, California.